Rimmel London
Design storyboards and build HTML5 standard banners, hand coded using greensock
Graphic Design, Animation, Storyboarding
HTML5 Banners
A complete redesign of the Eventopedia website, maintaining a clean and professional look and feel.
UI/UX, Web Design
Google Android
A collection of banner designs, digital screen animations and wallpapers all for the launch of Google Android.
Graphic Design, Storyboarding
App design for a well established estate agent in the heart of Shoreditch.
UI/UX, Creative Direction
Mobile App
Steephill School
Website redesign including UX
UI/UX, Web Design, Creative Direction
Philips Homecooker
Design storyboards and builds animated flash banners
Animation, Storyboarding
HTML5 Standard banner builds
Graphic Design, Animation, Storyboarding
HTML5 Banners
140 Pitfield Street
A combination of digital screens, window displays and online design elements provided a much need presence for this new apartment to life.
Graphic Design, Animation, Creative Direction
A full suite of banners designs and built in HTML5 handcoded using greensock.
Graphic Design, Animation, Storyboarding
Isle Of Man
Digital screen animation and a set of banner designs and builds.
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation
Digital Display screens and a suite of standard HTML5 banners
Motion Graphics, Animation
Branding, Graphic Design