Rimmel London
Design storyboards and build HTML5 standard banners, hand coded using greensock
Graphic Design, Animation, Storyboarding
HTML5 Banners
A complete redesign of the Eventopedia website, maintaining a clean and professional look and feel.
UI/UX, Web Design
Google Android
A collection of banner designs, digital screen animations and wallpapers all for the launch of Google Android.
Graphic Design, Storyboarding
App design for a well established estate agent in the heart of Shoreditch.
UI/UX, Creative Direction
Mobile App
Steephill School
Website redesign including UX
UI/UX, Web Design, Creative Direction
Philips Homecooker
Design storyboards and builds animated HTML banners
Animation, Storyboarding, Banner Ads (HTML5), Rich Media
HTML5 Standard banner builds
Graphic Design, Animation, Storyboarding
HTML5 Banners
140 Pitfield Street
A combination of digital screens, window displays and online design elements provided a much need presence for this new apartment to life.
Graphic Design, Animation, Creative Direction
A full suite of banners designs and built in HTML5 handcoded using greensock.
Graphic Design, Animation, Storyboarding
Isle Of Man
Digital screen animation and a set of banner designs and builds.
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animation
Digital Display screens and a suite of standard HTML5 banners
Motion Graphics, Animation
Branding, Graphic Design