As a digital designer I’ve led and executed design projects across various digital platforms such as websites, mobile, digital advertising and on motion. 
I can design and build animated social media content, design emails, build animated HTML5 banners and also edit videos and build motion graphic reels using After Effects. 
I’ve demonstrated fantastic collaboration skills during my 17 years of freelancing working closely with other departments in an agency and directly with clients. 
I’ve had the opportunity to bring conceptualised innovative designs to the table whilst ensuring brand consistency within projects.
I’m highly efficient in using the Adobe Creative Suite and Figma. I have a great foundation in UX/UI principles and have demonstrated great project management skills when required to work on multiple projects. 
One of my main focuses have been to staying updated on industry trends and technologies to deliver effective and impactful designs. The world of digital and AI is always evolving and that’s one of the aspects which I love as we continue to learn and push the limits. 
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